Zirgo Kauth

"A metal neither black nor red, as heavy as man's golden greed..."


The party met a distraught Zirgo and several of his apprentices on the road just before they reached the Carnath Inn. They soon learned Zirgo had been the one to provide Hiero Del Villanova with the information to reach Kera-Tem. Zirgo had believed Hiero an ally and expected to return to his modest museum with the recovered relics. Instead Hiero gave all of his discoveries to Orn Margaster, a powerful noble in Waterdeep.

Upon reaching Leilon, Zirgo showed Ono, Kat and Tyrol his museum. He swore if they would return an old tablet from Old Owl Well to him, he would lend them each an item from his collection. Tyrol noticed an abundance of items in the museum associated with evil and chaotic gods, but Zirgo’s apprentices were quick to explain away the focus on evil artifacts.


Zirgo Kauth

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